Artist Statement

My brothers and I got our first camera from uncle Leung when I was 12.  It's a China Sea Gulf 135mm camera.

I soon learned to use the camera and started taking photos of family activities and school events.  Knowing how to focus gave me - an inward child a sense of confidence that I barely had.  I could take a sharp photo which not everyone could, and I enjoy looking at my result.  What I did not know is photography eventually lead me to live in another part of the world.

I like beautiful things.  Seeing them make me happy.  Taking photo is my response to the beauty in front of me.  With the camera, I collected trees, mountains, cities and ever changing clouds...  No matter how big they were, how far they were, they all came onto a 3x5 photo paper.  I felt the excitement of a wanderer, picking up treasures from everywhere, if I can see it...

I enjoy seeing.  Let's look around and find something interesting!